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The short answer is yes. But there is more to that question than meets the eye. This is because the actual Angel’s Landing trail is only a ½ mile hike along the top spine of the cliff known as Angel’s Landing. This is the only section that requires a permit. To get there, you first need to hike to Scout Lookout via the West Rim Trail. The West Rim Trail to Scout Lookout does not require a permit, so it is accessible to anyone year-round. 

Hiking the 2.1 mile West Rim Trail to Scout Lookout is a serious hike in its own right, but without the more dangerous sections of the Angel’s Landing trail. While there may not be any intimidating sections with chains, there are plenty of scenic overlooks as you ascend almost 1,500 feet above the valley floor. Prepare to spend about 3-4 miles on this hike. If possible, it’s best to do this in the late afternoon during the summer months. This will keep you in the shade of the western side of the canyon for much of the hike. The late afternoon and early evening tend to have much fewer crowds on top of Scout Lookout and the lighting is truly spectacular this time of day.

If you are intent on hiking the remaining .5 mile to Angel’s Landing, you can fill out a permit lottery application at this link. You can also watch the helpful video below that walks you through the lottery permit process. 

Angel's Landing portion of the trail
scout lookout trail

Whether your goal is Scout Lookout or Angel’s Landing, give us a call and we can help get you there.  

Here’s a few pics of the hike up to and from on top of Scout Lookout. 

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